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Bút bi Omas 360 mezzo Iceberg High Tech Trim

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Bút bi Omas 360 mezzo Iceberg - 360 “mezzo” presents a range of cheerful and elegant cotton resin colours which scrupulously follow the latest fashion trends, the pleasure of writing is tinged with glamour. Its little secret lies in the three harmonious but well-proportioned sides: when you grip a pen the fingers naturally form a triangle and this gives an angle and ease of writing which have never before been achieved. Innovative, practical, technical, light… if at first glance it seems to attract with its futuristic design, holding it in the hand is the start of an adventure full of feelings and emotions. Revolutionary but reassuring at the same time, the OMAS 360 “mezzo” combines all those elements which have made OMAS the brand par excellence of quality writing. The OMAS 360 “mezzo” has been designed to meet the needs of those who love a pen which is not too large but extremely well-balanced and effective. Technology and great Italian craftsmanship, which since 1925 has honoured the creative capabilities of our country, merge in a marriage of style and uniqueness into a pen bringing together art and design at the highest level of fashion.

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